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Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Innovative Software Assistance: FMEA Facilitator

FMEA Facilitator is a user-friendly, data-centric desktop software package designed to…

  • guide practitioners through each step of the FMEA process
  • quickly focus attention on recommendations and actions that reduce risk
  • compensate for analytical shortcomings intrinsic to the traditional FMEA process
  • share FMEA data between teams and managers through a freely distributable reader application

Prioritizing Risk for Better Decision-Making
Risk is represented in a traditional FMEA by a Risk Priority Number (RPN).  The standard process by which the RPN is calculated involves simplifications and assumptions that adversely affect the number's accuracy and usefulness.  FMEA Facilitator implements a combination of applied mathematics and expert experience to improve the correlation between risk priority numbers and actual risk.   This analytical improvement to the RPN is a powerful feature and is exclusive to FMEA Facilitator… Download and try it now for free!

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